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Almost 30 years of experience in supplying of market(ing) research systems and solutions

Through Nebu’s integrated multi-mode data collection and panel management platform, organizations can assess and evaluate opinions and behavioral patterns and translate them into sharp insights to drive the performance of brands and media.

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Nebu in numbers

28 years on the market

We are an ISO27001 certified, privately held and client-oriented firm, implementing agile development to work in favor of your and your clients’ needs.

Nebu Data Suite

Nebu offers six highly specialized solutions that help to integrate and automate the entire chain of market research processes.

Hours of Interviewing

Nebu offers a robust multi-mode data collection tool with the most flexible CATI solution on the market.

Completed projects

Nebu works with some of the biggest global CATI centers and many SMB market(ing) research companies in 30 countries; including multilingual support for 34 languages.


Nebu aims to help customers unlock the full potential of data within their Market Research & Insights operations. Nebu is the answer for Voice of the Customer, Feedback, Employee Satisfaction and many other Market Research needs.

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We have a story to tell

Watch our corporate video to learn more about the "Collect-Manage-Utilize" paradigm.

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